phototools_negativeThese everyday tools for the photographer were all developed by me, and are designed for Microsoft WindowsOffered freely, they are furnished as is, so please test them before regular use.

I specialize in creating very simple to use tools which stamp (imprint) various types of information (e.g. signatures, logos, QR Codes, captions, GPS metadata, etc.) onto JPEG photos using lossless algorithms, which preserve the original image quality.

Please feel free to contact me should have any questions or custom tool needs.  Quite often I can accommodate them gratis.

Example photos are available on the downloads page.

AutoRotate is a better and faster way  to automatically and losslessly rotate all JPEG photos in a folder - something that Windows can not do!  AutoRotate reads a photo’s orientation tag to hard-rotate photos.  Adds an ”AutoRotate JPG” entry to Windows context menu.  For cameras without an orientation sensor, see RotateMax below.

DateStamp losslessly stamps a photo’s date in either or two date formats.  More attractive and with quality superior to most in-camera stamps.

Enfusion is a minimalist approach to creating quality High Dynamic Range (HDR) images using EnfuseUse also for reducing image noise, or focus-stacking!  64-bit

ImageArtist for Canon camera owners can automatically stamp (watermark) owner’s name (as entered into your Canon camera) and year onto photos using an advanced lossless JPEG algorithm.  Adds an ”ImageArtist” entry to Windows context menu.  Fast!

LitePic reduces original camera JPEG file size (in megabytes) without a loss in visual quality.  Typical file size reduction is >60%, and up to 85% with some camera photos!  The difference is visually imperceptible when viewing at 100%.  Install-free, just drag and drop a file or folder!  64-bit

MetadataMirror is a tool for reviewing detailed photo/video metadata.  Adds a “MetadataMirror” entry to Windows context menu, among other shortcuts, which offer easy access to MetadataMirror.  Fast!

MovieGrid will generate JPEG thumbnail grids from your video clips.  Create thumbnail grids for an entire folder of video clips at one time!  MovieGrid is very fast and easy to use, and is designed to aid in cataloging your clips and their content.  Most MOV, MP4 and AVI codecs are supported (which includes iPhone and Galaxy videos).

packJPG Lite is an official graphical interface for the lossless JPEG compression programs packJPG and packARC, programs specially designed to losslessly compress JPEG files.  JPEG files are typically reduced in size by approximately 20 percent.  JPEG files can also be compressed to self-extracting archives (SFX).

PhotoResize Lite offers the singular option to enter a new maximum size.  Optimized for speed, and to produce the highest quality output.  32-bit and 64-bit.  For complete resizing control use PhotoResize Options, 64-bit

ReverseGeocode enables you to see where your photos were actually taken.  It computes and displays an actual descriptive location, not just GPS coordinates!  Simple drag-and-drop operation.

RotateMax will automatically and losslessly rotate all JPEG photos in a folder - something that Windows can not do!  RotateMax reads a photo’s orientation tag to hard-rotate photos.  Manual rotation for all cameras without an orientation sensor.  Superior to rotations performed in Windows 10, where the orientation tag is not correctly reset.

Example photos are available on the downloads page.