Windows 10 Compatible & Digitally Signed

PhotoTools includes ten tools which most every photographer will use at one time or another.
A simple to use toolbox which can many times substitute for opening a full-fledged photo editor.  PhotoTools is free to use, without cost or obligation.  Please test before production use.


PhotoTools includes:

  • Lossless auto rotation (AutoRotate), a feature not included in Windows 10
  • High quality photo resizing, save your custom size from session to session
  • Lossless date/time stamp
  • Lossless caption stamp
  • Lossless Canon artist stamp (ImageArtist)
  • Reverse geocode location (for geotagged photos)
  • Reverse geocode location stamp
  • View photo locations in Google Earth (updated 2017-05-29) (GEPix)
  • Full metadata display
  • Copy Canon CR2 or Nikon NEF metadata to matching JPEG files (e.g. IMG_4338.CR2 → IMG_4338.JPG).  For Adobe® Lightroom® exports, where metadata is stripped during export.

Three of the tools are available to install separately, for even easier access:




This is the only authorized source of these tools.
Digitally signed by Michael G Lee
Third-party antivirus software may need to be temporarily disabled during installation.

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PhotoTools ©2017 Michael Lee
PhotoTools is designed for Microsoft Windows and JPEG photos.
All tools are offered as-is, and without warranty.  Please test before production use.
Tool icons are modified from the Freeline iconset by Enes Dal and used under license.
Also by the author — GPStamper  “Know Where – Know When”