gepixGEPix (gĕp-ĭx) is the simplest solution to locating your photos in Google Earth.  Simply drag and drop a single geotagged photo, or an entire folder of photos, onto any shortcut to GEPix and instantly view their locations in Google Earth.  When locating a folder of images you are presented the option to save the generated KML file for future display.

GEPix works with photos from anything with a GPS!
There is no simpler way to see where your photos were taken!

GEPix Download 32/64-bit compatible – 2017-05-13 Now digitally signed by Michael G Lee
2017-05-26 KML thumbnails sized to 300 pixels

Note:  Please install Google Earth or later to take full advantage of GEPix.

GEPix Copyright 2009-2016 Michael Lee
GEPix was developed by the author of GPStamper
GEPix is not affiliated with Google
GEPix is provided as-is, with no warranty expressed or implied
GEPix is designed for Microsoft Windows