imageartistImageArtist is for Canon camera owners.  Automatically stamp (watermark) owner’s name and year onto photos using an advanced lossless JPEG algorithm*.

ImageArtist is one-click easy!  Just drag and drop a single JPG file or an entire folder onto any ImageArtist shortcut (e.g. Desktop, Send to, or Quick Launch).  An ImageArtist folder is automatically created in the source image folder which will contain the stamped photo(s).  Stamping requires no user intervention whatsoever.  There isn’t even a GUI!

Enter your name into your Canon camera via ZoomBrowser EX, ImageBrowser EX, or EOS Utility.

Digitally signed by Michael G Lee

ImageArtist Copyright 2013-2017 Michael Lee
ImageArtist was developed by the author of GPStamper
ImageArtist is not affiliated with Canon
ImageArtist is provided as-is, with no warranty expressed or implied
ImageArtist is designed for Microsoft Windows

*For no image degradation or generational loss during the stamping process.
Supports Adobe® Photoshop® and Lightroom® JPG exports from CR2