packJPG Options

packJPG Options is an official graphical interface for the lossless JPEG compression programs packJPG and packARC, programs specially designed to losslessly compress JPEG files.  JPEG files are typically reduced in size by approximately 20 percent.  JPEG files can be compressed to either PJG files or self-extracting archives (SFX).

packJPG Options presents an intuitive interface to packJPG, affording easy file and option selection.

packJPG Options offers the additional benefit of thumbnail generation for easier photo browsing of associated compressed files.  The setup utility integrates packJPG into Windows for direct access from File Explorer.

Current downloads:

packJPG v2.5 and above are incompatible with earlier versions

Earlier version downloads:

The official home of packJPG:

packMP3 Options

Page last updated December 4, 2016

packJPG Options was developed by the author of GPStamper